Cañoñ ij Setup: Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ

Get started to Cañoñ inkjet setup with guidelines of Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ site. Check and learn the best and easy methods to set up Cañoñ printer hardware download and install the Cañoñ ij setup. The site is based on the computer operating system where you can find an online manual and guide. Use the wired or wireless connection to connect the Cañoñ printer to Wi-Fi and router as well. Then, set up the hardware and install the Cañoñ software. Now you can try printing.

How do I Manually Enter My Cañoñ Printer Wifi Password?

Set the password by using 4 to 32 characters.The allowed characters are single-byte alphanumeric characters. For security reasons, we recommend you use 8 and more alphanumeric characters.

How do you Enter Password on Cañoñ Printer?

Display Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ printer status in a web browser. Select Security. The menus are displayed. Select Administrator password setting. Enter a password, and then select OK. When the completion message is displayed, select OK.

Download and Install the Cañoñ Printer Setup driver or Software using CD:

  • Now you will get a CD with the Printer.
  • Insert the CD drive into the device and then install the driver or software.
  • If you don’t have any CD with the Printer, then download the driver online.
  • Now for that, you need to open the browser of a windows device.
  • Then Go to our official website using Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ link.
  • Select the operating system and version of your computer in the drop down menu, then choose the software you want to download.
  • Then you will be on the main page of www.Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ.
  • There you will see the Setup option. click on it.
  • Then enter the model number or the serial number of your Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ printer.
  • When the model appears under the text box, select it to access its Drivers & Downloads.
  • And then, the driver downloading page will open.
  • There you will see the Download option then click on it.
  • Now downloading of the driver will begin.
  • After downloading the driver install the driver on your device.
  • That’s it, and your driver will be available on a windows device.

Easy Steps to Wireless Setup Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ PIXMA :

  • Press and hold the Direct button on the printer.
  • Make sure the network icon Network status icon flash.
  • Run the Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ setup file and click Start Setup.
  • Read the network security notice and click Next.
  • Read the license agreement. Select Yes to continue. If you click No, the installation will not continue.
  • Select Agree to the information request.
  • Select Yes to confirm the connection method.
  • Depending on your network setup, the following screens may appear. Be sure to select an SSID (network) in the dropdown list running on the 2.4Ghz frequency. If not sure, check with your router's documentation. After selecting the SSID, enter the password in the next screen.
  • Connection is completed, click Next.
  • If you wish to download and install any additional software, click Continue online.
  • For that, click on the Start option on the driver.
  • Then Printer will print a page.
  • After that, click on the Next option.
  • Then you will see the Setup complete page.
  • There click on the Next option.
  • Then installation of software for printer setup will begin.
  • That’s it you are ready to give a printout from the Printer using the windows device.